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Operation of the 'Hyodori Social Service Group' through the Employee Donation Culture

The 'Hyodori Social Service Group' is an organization formed by the donation culture of hospital employees, serving as a non-profit entity that engages in sharing, support, volunteer work, and social contribution activities for the vulnerable and marginalized groups in the community. Consequently, the employees take great pride and satisfaction in providing assistance to socially disadvantaged groups who were previously unreachable by help, thereby enhancing their social values and sense of responsibility. The 'Hyodori Social Service Group' continues its efforts to help the neglected neighbors in the community, work towards the realization of social values, and create a happier world for all.

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Operation of the subsidiary-type disabled standard business 'Sarangmoa'

The subsidiary-type disabled standard business 'Sarangmoa' of Hyosarang Family  Hospital was established in September 2019 to practice core values of service, learning, to raise, and sharing, and to provide stable employment for the disabled, a vulnerable group. We started our work with the first employment in May 2020, and we held an opening ceremony in July 2021 and are continuing to hire the disabled. In accordance with the 'Act on Employment Promotion and Vocational Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities,' Sarangmoa provides stable jobs to severely disabled individuals who find it challenging to work in the competitive labor market. It conducts tailored job training, creating various employment opportunities and continuously expanding the hiring of disabled individuals.

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