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The continuous effort to become a growing professional never stops.


성장하는 전문가가 되기 위한 끊임없는 노력은 계속됩니다.

01Nursing Department Seminar

Hyosarang Family Hospital holds annual nursing academic seminars to improve medical services. Through these, we continue to provide training to enhance up-to-date information and expertise in medical care and nursing, foster internal expertise, and we strive to ensure that all employees provide friendly and caring medical services to patients and their families. Additionally, we continuously strive to improve our work methods and services based on professional development and field experience to offer the best medical quality. Through this, we are striving to create an advanced medical staff culture and provide the best medical services that patients and their families can be satisfied with.

02Rehabilitation Therapy Job Improvement Seminar

Hyosarang Family Hospital holds a rehabilitation therapy seminar every year to strengthen its expertise in the field of rehabilitation. Seminars organized by hospitals on the subject of rehabilitation therapy are not very common, but Hyosarang Family Hospital is constantly preparing for a high level of treatment for patients. Through seminars every year, we strive to acquire knowledge about the latest rehabilitation treatments and provide careful and professional treatment to patients in charge. To this end, all therapists are striving to produce the best treatment results by being professional and providing steady training and seminars for patients. Through the seminar, we will provide the best rehabilitation treatment in the field with improved expertise and do our best to produce good results with patients.