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Employee training is a courtesy to patients.


직원 교육은 환자에 대한 예의입니다.

01Training for New Employees

Hyosarang Family Hospital conducts training for newly joined employees. This training is designed to introduce the history and values of Hyosarang Family Hospital and to help understand the roles of different departments. Such training supports the growth of employees who strive for the continuous development of Hyosarang Family Hospital and helps new employees to adapt well to the hospital, enabling them to perform their duties smoothly. Hyosarang Family Hospital is a place that promotes individual growth and hospital development through continuous education and learning, and it also has time to make a commitment for employees to work with an attitude of constant effort.

02Mandatory Hospital Training

Hyosarang Family Hospital provides essential training for all employees to improve patient safety and quality of care and improve their jobs. This training covers medical information and medical record regulations, patient rights and responsibilities, quality improvement and patient safety, medication management, and prevention of violence within medical facilities. In addition, it is steadily progressing to improve medical quality and job improvement, such as infection control for thorough infection prevention and treatment, and safety management of patients without falls, pressure ulcer, and odors.

03Skill Enhancement Training

Hyosarang Family Hospital conducts skill enhancement training to improve work processes and strengthen professional capabilities. Through this training, employees can perform their tasks more efficiently and enhance their individual job competencies. In addition, employees have a great opportunity to improve their expertise by acquiring new skills and knowledge, which will play an important role in improving organizational performance and achieving future management growth.

04Hospice Education

Hyosarang Family Hospital conducts "Hospice Specialist Training" every June, considering it a fundamental quality for employees working in convalescent hospital and a crucial part of enhancing their capabilities.  Education is conducted on the alleviation of treatment processes that can be experienced in actual clinical practice, as well as on the scope and activities of hospice care and also incorporates preparation for death, such as coffin experience and writing wills. This leads to a valuable time where we can commit to respecting the lives of patients and sincerely serving them when caring for them.

05Fire Drill Training

Hyosarang Family Hospital conducts fire drill training for all employees to ensure patient safety. We regularly conduct joint fire drills in collaboration with Jeonju Wansan Fire Station, focusing on practical experiences such as using fire extinguishers to put out fires. In addition to hospital staff, we also provide training and practice on the use of fire extinguishers and fire hydrants to cooperating companies and private caregivers, preparing for potential fire emergencies. All employees will do their best for the patient's safety.

06Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR) Training

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is one of the most crucial treatments in life-threatening situations. In order to do this accurately, continuous training along with education is essential, so Hyosarang Family Hospital is conducting CPR training for its employees. Employees who have received training become familiar with emergency procedures and can respond more quickly to patients, playing a significant role in saving lives. This is why we consider CPR training as one of the most important educational programs.

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